19. April 2012

#0004 - 19. April 2012 - Letters & Rubber Stamps

Over the last week I got amazing mail which made my mailbox very happy. Let's take a look :)

First of all there is a mini zine that I forgot to post in my last entry. It is just too pretty to not be posted.

The envelope above included this gorgeous Snape mail art. As I am a huuuge Harry Potter fan and also Snape is one of my favourite characters (probably THE most favourite character), I squeaked a bit when I saw it the first time. Pretty, isn't it? :)


I didn't have much time to answer above letters and I only wrote 2 letters in the past days (I forgot to take a pic of the second piece >_< ). Hopefully I find the time to write the answers in the next couple of days.

Besides that I bought these pretty rubber stamps.


  1. Die Stempel sind von Hema, oder?

    Ich hab so ähnliche und das gleiche Stempelkissen. :D

    1. Nope, die sind von Tchibo und totaaaaaaal toll :)

  2. Hi, there! So fun to find you this morning on my blog! I know what you mean about not having time to get letters written - I have a stack of them on my table, just looking at me...

    1. Hey hey! I finally wrote you a letter yesterday and I'm gonna drop it into the mailbox tomorrow. Good to see you here as well :)
      So I answered one letter and had two incoming in the last 2 days. Phew ^^