2. März 2013

#0011. Raggedy Man, Goodbye.

So I haven't been around for a long time. The Ponds are gone, Merlin has ended (although I haven't finished the last season yet), The Hobbit is one brilliant piece of cinema history, I started watching Downton Abbey (better late than never) which I love! I finished all 5 released books from A Song Of Ice And Fire and can't wait for GRRM's new book! Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones will continue by the end of this month. Exciting things!

But back to writing. Some of my pen pals have found my blog I thought it was time to update. Not just today but regularly again. I have received some amazing mail over the last couple of months, and also have written a lot of letters to my lovely pals.
So here is an update from my current mail which lays on my desk.

Gorgeous mail art from a new pal from France <3

This is what I sent out for Christmas. Never wrote so much Christmas Mail before.
It was so much fun <3
This letter was going out today to the lovely K. :)

Also I had these beautiful stamps in my mailbox today. They're a new special edition of Janosch stamps. They're so pretty, aren't they? I totally fell in love with them. I probably need to buy some more... just in case...

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